Into the Wild

To prep for the all-night ruck, I'm going out for a couple of days again in the Marijuana Highlands to conduct Official Scientific Inquiry. Here are today's dumb experiments Highly Dignified Research Questions. 1) How little food can I get away with? When I’m ketotic, I can go a long time comfortably without eating. This is... Continue Reading →

Fools Rush In

Needing some Macho Meditative Solitude™, I made my first overnight backpacking trip. It must be true that "God takes care of fools, drunkards, and the United States," because I identify with two of those things and I survived my own rash enthusiasm. But I did get in a little trouble. I was taking The Belgian... Continue Reading →


My first "waterborne rescue" of a non-insect! I was kayaking near my house and chanced upon upon a little white terrier standing stoically on a log. He had his face caught a foot from the surface by his leash, which was lashed to a nub at the waterline. He’d gotten away from his owner, an... Continue Reading →

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