cropped-32349485_10104949350543631_3336659972279762944_o-2.jpgYour host, the Dog in Chief, writes about the flourishing of embodied souls. In practice, that means a lot of content about exercise, the outdoors, strength, and the comedy of errors called cultivating character and happiness.

In his innermost life, the Dog is a recovering Buddhist fundamentalist (yes, that’s really a thing) and writes about such things professionally. In this blog they are seldom at center stage, but they are usually nearby in the background.

The name “Lean, Solid Dogs,” comes from Plato’s Republic (422b), where Socrates imagines a people who seek happiness in vigor, hardihood, good habits, and simplicity. (Remember what we said about Buddhism in the background?)

(If you feel an affinity to this blog, you’ll love reading the Republic. Ideally you’d begin from Book I or II, but if you are tight on time, I give you special Doggish dispensation to start from 403d and just continue as long as you feel inclined.)

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