NEW RELEASE! Faleev 5×5 Power Bodybuilding: The Complete Guide

The Faleev system of power bodybuilding couldn’t be more Russian if it played a balalaika and recited Pushkin poems over a chess board covered with vodka and pickles. Wickedly effective and un-screw-up-ably simple, it offers a way to develop newbs into Masters of Sport in as little as a year. There’s only one thing that’s un-Russian about it: it’s pretty pleasant!

Power-bodybuilding—getting swole by getting strong—can be a harsh mistress that consumes your time and physical “oomph.” But the classic Faleev system is famous for paring away inessentials and thickening your muscles with short, enjoyable workouts and delicious relaxation afterward so that you LOVE to train. It’s the perfect “80/20” system–it gets 80% of the way to superhuman with 20% of the effort.

The complete system is presented here in English for the first time. This guide walks you from the beginner stage, through Russian recovery hacks and Soviet sports science techniques of getting into “the zone” with the flip of a switch, and the Faleev system’s intermediate and advanced, “Master of Sport” levels.

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