Happy Birthday to Snoot

36455439_10105057373220321_4399425753951764480_oA lion-dog in winter. My supremely beloved little Snoot was born 14 years ago today outside Cambridge, Mass., and I became his babysitter the very next day. Even after years of callous parenting mistakes–like the dinner party where I ignored his meek “Help me!” looks all night as mere attention-seeking when in fact he had a wine cork lodged in his teeth–he holds no grudges and wants little more than to be wherever I am.
Happy birthday, my darling. I do not deserve you.



My first “waterborne rescue” of a non-insect! I was kayaking near my house and chanced upon upon a little white terrier standing stoically on a log. He had his face caught a foot from the surface by his leash, which was lashed to a nub at the waterline.

He’d gotten away from his owner, an older woman in a wheelchair, and then gone swimming in the creek just as any red-blooded terrier would, but he ended up in trouble with his leash fouled on the log. He was a little love-bug and let me carry him up the embankment, which was awesome because I love little wet puppy bodies.