Aryan Invasion

My house has been invaded by yogis! It's great! Everywhere you go, you stumble over someone pacing and chanting silently, hunkered down translating Bengali hagiographies on an iMac, or playing ragas on a guitar in the garden. These guys all trail the scent of sandalwood around the house, they keep the kitchen always smelling of... Continue Reading →

Shoot Straight, Be Queer!

Elements of the Thursday Freedom Squad fly our freak flag at Pride to support a gun buddy (not depicted here) who is cautiously emerging from the closet. We are with you, Mysterious, Unnamed Gay Sharpshooter! Shoot straight, be queer! Until you are ready to be fully and publicly Fabulous, we will be fab for you!

Freezebaby – In Memoriam JLH

The air here stinks with raunchy, hot freshness in our high, dry forest of fir and pine. For cumulus clouds we have mottled tufts of shadow and our water would burn fast into vapor if only we'd brought some. The polychrome riot of lands where you dwelt visits these hills in a lesser palette, a... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Snoot

A lion-dog in winter. My supremely beloved little Snoot was born 14 years ago today outside Cambridge, Mass., and I became his babysitter the very next day. Even after years of callous parenting mistakes--like the dinner party where I ignored his┬ámeek "Help me!" looks all night as mere attention-seeking when in fact he had a... Continue Reading →

Disaster Averted

Thank you, Nature, for paternal instincts. From a deep sleep, I was rocked awake by the certain knowledge that in nine seconds, Snoot would vomit yesterday's grass cuttings onto my mattress.

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