The Rachel Maddow Case for Gun Rights

This conversation would be easier if it were about sex. I would propose to my fellow liberals that we get serious about rape culture through simple, commonsense regulations: No one could take a new sex partner without a background check and a 10-day waiting period, with a limit of one new partner per month. Why does anyone need more than that? (Very progressive states might even choose to require that you show police a legitimate reason for needing a new partner.) Rape would not disappear under my plan, but surely it would plummet.

Shoot Straight, Be Queer!

Elements of the Thursday Freedom Squad fly our freak flag at Pride to support a gun buddy (not depicted here) who is cautiously emerging from the closet. We are with you, Mysterious, Unnamed Gay Sharpshooter! Shoot straight, be queer! Until you are ready to be fully and publicly Fabulous, we will be fab for you!

Of Sapogi and Sixguns

During the Buddhist Backpack Pilgrimage, I acted as your personal bodhisattva, dear readers, and compassionately offered myself as a sacrifice for your welfare. How? By venturing out to do the whole 34 miles in jackboots (sapogi) and footwraps. In our previous field test we'd shown their value in wet conditions, but we still didn't know... Continue Reading →

From the Bureau of Ordnance

“Whatever your plan, until you stress-test it in a full dress rehearsal, you are probably in denial about what a sh**show it will be.” That’s common, solid wisdom. But *I* don’t need to follow common, solid wisdom, right?! That’s for other people! And so it is that, after all these years, it was only tonight... Continue Reading →

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