Vanya + Jason = Happiness

As my friends know, I struggle with Athletic Distractibility/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). When untreated, I train ineffectually for unrelated events all at once, like the highland games, mud run, and NorCaldic biathlon. For today’s act of foolishness, I humped Vanya the 32kg Bell from the Writing Cottage of the Immortals to the top of the Rock of Faeries.

Within 50m I worried I’d bitten off too much, but I was saved by the awesome geometry of the kettlebell: you can carry it overhead, shouldered, racked on the chest, or like a suitcase, shifting positions and hands to stay fresh. So even without good rucking muscles, I managed OK in all but the steepest parts. But tomorrow I’ll need hospice workers to come feed me breakfast through a tube.



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