After Faleev: What to Expect

At last, we’ve brought back our Alexey Faleev material as a downloadable PDF book! It’s available here, for a suggested donation of $5 (or none at all). I am donating proceeds to charitable organizations doing works of lean, solid goodness around the world, so please be generous!

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  1. Would you recommend this routine for an older >50 guy starting back after a few years off?
    My current 1RM’s – Squat 125kg, Bench 90kg and Deadlift 155kg, with no training for 5 years, just doing some heavy bag boxing and walking – although I do weigh 100kg…… I need to lose a bit of weight too 🙂

    1. Andy, IMO it’s hard to do much better than Faleev! But I’ll say this: when I train for powerlifting, my appetite jumps and I gain weight. Based on my experience, I agree with people who counsel focusing on *either* hypertrophy *or* leaning out. And if you’re leaning out, I recommend an “easy strength” kind of program. My $.02.

      1. I get that thanks, it’s expected to gain weight I guess. I’m currently on a low carb regime, aiming for -0.5kg per week loss, so still eating a fair number of calories. I’m more concerned with getting stronger without too much hypertrophy, so neural gains initially, but if I do gain weight I can compete in 105kg class I guess. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated 🙂

  2. Me encantó la serie de artículos sobre Faleev (he sacado algunas perlas)…en realidad me encanta su blog…seguiré leyendo más…enhorabuena por el trabajo…un saludo desde España…

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